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CM KP appreciated the UNDP for helping the province in reforming the police

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that efficient policing, food autarky through agriculture sector development, efficient road communication integration, transparent governance, skilled manpower and modern equipment are some of the key components his government was working on and that could bring this terror-hit province back to the road to speedy development. He appreciated the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) for helping the province in reforming the police and hoped that the UNDP would extend cooperation for both the CPEC and non CPEC economic development related activities including the durability of peace and the improvement of security. Police would become the centre stage in terms of its training to the international standard, provision of force multipliers to the police and the establishment of model police stations at tehsil level in the province.

          Chief Minister appreciated the UNDP for its offer to help the provincial government in the productive sectors especially agriculture, energy, mineral, education, health, information technology, irrigation, drinking water some other social sectors. He said that a glaring feeling of change has emerged both at government and public levels for the reconstruction and rehabilitee of these sectors and welcomed the UNDP for coming forward and supporting the provincial government in this regard.  

          He was talking to the UN Assistant Secretary General for Asia and UNDP’s Director Haoliang Xu, who called on him along with his visiting delegation at Chief Minister House Peshawar.  The Mission’s Head assured for steps to provide training to the police, improve their capacity building, provision of equipments and modern technology and extending model police stations to tehsil level. He also assured cooperation both in the productive sectors and social services dominated by agriculture sector development, revenue generation etc. He informed the Chief Minister about the Rs. 800 million UNDP sponsored programme for the upholding of justice and police reforms (SRLP) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The scope of cooperation was being widened because of the fresh requests by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government. The Mission appreciated provincial government’s programme for the establishment of model police stations at district level and assured all out support in expanding the programme and establishing model police stations in all tehsils of the province. He also appreciated the dispute resolution approach  (DRCs) through the new police act bringing a sharp reduction in the crime registration ratio and saying that it was like fighting crimes and it also helped in reducing the conflicts and disputes of people at local level. He said the people needed peace and the provincial government should plan it. In the process, the UNDP would help the whole process to the hilt. He also assured funding economic development programme of the province, transparent governance and other required financial and at technical assistant.

          Pervez Khattak thanked Head of the Mission for both his magnanimity and generosity in helping out the province and its people who suffered considerably in the recent past because of the manmade and natural devastation. He said this province needed a lot of help from all sides and hoped that the helping hand of the UNDP would open up new avenues of development in the province. He said this province has reached a point where it has to depart from scenario of lawlessness and terror related environment to the scenario of a new phase of development. He also spoke about the hardships in different sectors especially shifting of different produces agricultural from field to market, effective use of fertilizers, cold storage system and efficient marketing techniques. This he added his government needed to facilitate the farmers and ensure maximum facilities to them for their quality products. He also spoke about the exploration and exploitation of different avenues in hydel power generation, mineral development, education, health, revenue, information technology, irrigation and public health engineering sectors etc.