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Foundation laying ceremony of Swabi University

 Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that the promotion of women education, providing them proper education environment to undertake advance research and provision of resources were some of the allied factors of our educational emergency policy. The establishment of women university Swabi equipping it with all latest equipments and the construction of its new campus along with a network of new colleges, schools and commerce college for women speaks volumes about our commitment to the promotional guidelines for the future educated women of the province, he added.

        He was addressing the foundation laying ceremony of new campus of Swabi University which was also addressed by Speaker KP Assembly Asad Qaiser, Senior Minister for Health, Shahram Tarakai, Advisor to CM for  Higher Education Mushtaq Ghani, MNAs Usman Khan Tarakai, Ameerullah Marwat, VC Women University Prof. Dr. Khanzadi Fatima Khattak and Secretary Higher Education Syed Zafar Ali Shah who highlighted the reforms and achievements of provincial government in education sector especially for promotion of women education under its educational emergency.  The Chief Minister said that educated women equipped with scientific knowledge was necessary for a prosperous society. His government, he added was going all out to provide maximum chances to the women, to be educated and to be able to contribute to the national development. The provincial government established a cadet college for women, the first of its kind in the history of Pakistan adding that his government was establishing a cadet college in Swabi in collaboration with the Pakistan Air Force in addition to the  PAF degree college, a hospital, Gaju Khan Medical college and a campus of technical university in Swabi.

        Chief Minister regretted that his government inherited a rusty system having a secure and protected windows for irregularities, corruption and all wrongs . He said the province had underutilized school buildings with no quality education. The sale and purchase of marks had almost collapsed the education system. The world was discovering the entire universe, making progress in science and technology but our system of education was producing inefficient and incapable manpower to the system. The previous rulers had no vision.  Quality education and research was necessary for a meaningful education standard otherwise the entire system becomes fruitless he added . He said he took the vision of his leader Imran Khan, made dozens of legislations to reform institutions and the entire system. What his government did within short span of time,started giving results. Public sectors institutions were depoliticized and now no-one could indulge in corruption and wrong practices. If somebody does it, the system will spurn into action to catch him red handed.

        Pervez Khattak regretted the unnecessary and uncalled for opposition to the proposed education act adding that the forces of status quo were out to politicize an otherwise reforming move of his government.  He doubted the intension behind the agitation adding that the government was only contemplating the reforms proposals in order to rectify the system of education and remove the weaknesses in it adding that making politics on it was a disservice to the people and province.  The proposed act would pose a threat to the forces of status quo alonebecause they draw their strength from the old system and they have known interest to the corrupt system.

        Chief Minister said his government was committed to the strengthening and autonomy of educational institutions and the plan was to reform the system of education.  He was taken aback by the agitation against the proposed education service act adding that everything should not be politicized when it comes to the interests of the people adding that his government was yet to finalize the act after extensive consultations. The forces of status quo should not misguide the public to make it a disputed issue it as it was design to bring our education system at par with the international standard. He rejected the notion that educational institutions were being privatized adding that the act was only design to upgrade the system and standard of education.  He assured that the proposed act would not give any harm to the interests of teachers but would give them a secure and protective future. sending a warning to the forces of status quo, he said his government would never allow them to play or use institutions for their interest.  We have to change our system, reprioritize our areas of concern that would lead us to real prosperity and development.

        Chief Minister assured that the act would go through the process of extensive consultation by the experts and teachers and then would be tabled in provincial assembly.  His government would never think of giving any harm to the interest of teachers. What his government wanted was a secure education future of our kids. His government wanted to remove the educational backwardness of the province, it launched a jihad against the illiteracy and therefore enforced educational emergency in the province as without quality education we cannot move forward. His government has planned how to improve the education system in all educational institutions and  spent billions of rupees to cover up the missing facilities including the opening of new universities and colleges including two women universities and ten new campuses in the province.

        Pervez Khattak said his government has accepted the challenge to replace the existing inefficient system with an efficient one and he would not take back his steps for the revamping of the system.

        Chief Minister also spoke about the activities in the backdrop of CPEC and the level of his government’s preparedness to meet the challenges adding that his government had laid down the foundation for technical training centers giving the existing centers to be run by air force on professional lines. We have started our technical educational journey as we wanted to install a structure capable of meeting the requirements following the mass scale investment in the provinces he added .  He said His government wanted to produce skilled manpower to contribute to our development as we wanted a nation standing on its own feet and dependent on itself. His government held a road-show in Beijing to sell them the natural advantages of the province which was a success story. His government succeeded to make almost hundred agreements out of which 21 were in education sector alone . His government the other day held a (send off)ceremony for 300 educated youth to learn Chinese language in China. His government would ensure that justice is done to everybody this  is what the change is and for which we stand.

        Pervez Khattak declared the link road of the women university Swabi to be the university road and directed for its immediate extension. He also announced to include the second phase of the university building that would cost Rs. three billion. He called upon the female students to dedicate themselves to the acquisition of knowledge that was necessary for themselves and for the nation as well.