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Government introduced a law for giving maximum facilities to the youth

The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak reminded his government was representing the youth of the province as they voted PTI to power for the elimination of corruption and upholding of merit and rule of law. He assured to live up to the expectations of the youth.
He said that before his government there was no policy for youth but his government introduced a law for giving maximum facilities to the youth, made legislations and established a Directorate for youth to promote the creative capability of the youth. He assured his government would never let down the youth.
He was addressing a ceremony for youth trophy and national youth carnival at Nishtar Hall Peshawar. KP Minister Sports Mehmood Khan and others addressed the gathering. The Chief Minister unveiled the trophy and logo of the National Youth Carnival.
Pervez Khattak said that ignoring the youth in education, jobs and recreational facilities led them to the sense of deprivation and darkness that could be witnessed in the increase in militancy in the past. His government made systematic efforts to defeat all the wrongs and rectify the situation. He said his government wanted to encourage the youth and promote their creative abilities and therefore established a youth directorate and increased sporting facilities throughout the province, he added. He referred to the establishment of stadiums at district and Tehsil levels and conducted inter-district and local level tournaments.
Chief Minister also reminded his government’s efforts for providing opportunities to the youth integrating them into the economic activities and making them part of the industrialization process to have better jobs. He said his government in the backdrop of CPEC was working on infrastructure development, economic and trade agreements have been done with the international companies and educational exchange program with the China was a better hope for the youth. He said his government dispatched 200 students to China to learn Chinese language and another 500 would be sent shortly.
Pervez Khattak said before PTI made to the power, the youth had no hope because the system did not give any space to the youth to prove their abilities. The entire public sector institutions was politicized and a subservient system of elite class pushed the youth to complete darkness, he added. Loot and plunder had led the society to a total degradation and that was the main reason for all the wrongs in the society, he added. He said the people of the province offered sacrifices to win against all evils. However, education was one important sector that could lead the people to their destination, he added.
He reminded his government made a lot of steps for the youth to socially, politically and economically integrate them. They were given representation in local government system, they were given jobs on merit and 72 grounds for sports were constructed at Tehsil level along with other schemes. He also talked about the youth centric steps of his government that included efficient services and facilities in educational institutions, trained teachers, scholarship for higher education, the establishment of first ever technical university and TEVTA with a new role, he added. He said that this year under 23 games were extended and sports competitions took place, he added.